The Homeful Group is a company that helps businesses build, think of us as your Brand Ambassador or even assistant. We help businesses through lending capital, marketing, attending and planning events and initiating a structured method to action their vision.


Phase #1


We will have a virtual consultation about what we offer and what the services or products the business offers. The business then states what they would like from us and we also will recommend what you may need based on what you already have. If there is an agreement, we move on to Phase #2.

Phase #2


We completely analyze and review what was discussed during the consultation and proceed to draft up the project details. There might be edits and changes through this phase but it will always be completed to perfection for the client. And then we move to Phase #3.

Phase #3


Once we have checked all boxes the project is closed out with a promotion on our social media platform and website.

Project #1

Our first project is Game Time LLC, which is a video game truck based in the tristate area of Philadelphia, PA.


The truck is 32 ft long with 5 smart TV on the inside and one on the outside. This may seem like a summer venture but there is heat available for the fall and winter months. We were the official Video Game truck for the Lincoln Financial Field during the 2019-2020 season and we plan to be back next year. 

Contact Us

Philadelphia, PA

Tel 484 474 0757


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