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Project Overview

The year 2020 was hit hard with Covid-19, political unrest and social injustice particularly to African American's in the United States. The social injustice has never been resolved nor stopped from years of slavery to years of discrimination. In 2020, police brutality has been a huge topic of discussion for the injustice possibly because most of cop's prejudiced acts were shown on camera. As a result, it started many protests and a push for reform not only with the police but education, criminal justice, the workplace and more. 

The protests caused a push for diversity and inclusion everywhere and I feel like many expected people or companies to post on social media for their support of Black Lives Matter, hiring people of color or donate to causes but I hope however I hope that was not done in vain. To me, some of these people have never spoke out on what they believe, how the social discrimination is affecting them, their friends or community but now there are photo ops or diverse marketing pertaining the topic.

I wish this was always important to American culture and not a trend. To mold what a perfectly acceptable world is and where Black culture and history are at the forefront; I created a collection where well-known brands adopted this ideal.

With Coca-Cola, I wanted to focus on graffiti which is prominent in urban and hip-hop culture. I created popular graffiti symbols that  I felt empowers the urban and hip-hop arts. 




Style Guide

Subway New York STD (adobe font)

Skia (adobe font)





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