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Gabrielle Gibson

Gabrielle Gibson is the Founder & CEO of

The Homeful Group & a professional in the technology sector.


She created THG to be an advisor to brands and businesses execute their vision with a lessened gap for error. 

Her interests include jewelry & metalsmithing & web design and sports. 

afterfocus_1596236851137 (1).jpg

Xiomara Hernandez

Xiomara Hernandez is a UX designer & front end developer.

She focuses on mixing design with functionality into an amazing final project.

Her interests include app development & drawing     

& web design and listening to '80s music. 


Spruha Patel

Spruha Patel is a multi-disciplinary designer who focuses on user experience, visual craft, and product strategy.


Her core specialty has always been experienced design, formerly in the physical dimension and now digital.


Her educational background is in Architecture and Urban Planning.

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